Counselling and psychotherapy


Why counselling or psychotherapy?

Most of us experience emotional problems at some stage in our lives. There may be particular experiences such as relationship difficulties, bereavement, trauma or work related issues that trigger difficult and perhaps unfamiliar feelings. But sometimes we have no idea where these difficult and sometimes overwhelming feelings come from and our lives may feel devoid of meaning and purpose. Often these problems may be resolved without outside help. But sometimes difficulties persist and that is when counselling and psychotherapy can help.

Therapy offers a safe, confidential and non judgmental space for you to talk about yourself in a way that is often not possible with family or friends. The purpose of therapy is to enable you to gain deeper understanding of yourself so that you can enhance your life and live it more fully and resourcefully.

My personal approach

Trained as an integrative psychotherapist and counsellor, I bring together different perspectives that help me respond to you holistically as a unique individual.  Together we can identify the best way of working with the issues that you bring. This may involve taking some time to explore in depth underlying patterns that have arisen from the past, how these impact on you in the present and can be changed. Or you may decide that you want to look at something specific on a short term basis in order to find a solution.

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