Couple Therapy

You may decide to seek couple therapy in times of crisis, when you feel stuck or you recognise the need to improve the quality of your relationship and how you communicate.  

Issues that can be helpfully addressed in couple therapy include: 
  • Difficulties with emotional intimacy
  • Erosion of trust where for example one partner has had an affair
  • Sexual issues
  • Parenting concerns including step-parenting
  • Cultural issues
  • The impact of other influences on your relationship such as financial worries, pressures of work, illness etc.
Couple therapy can also be helpful when you have decided to separate and want to do so in the least damaging way to yourselves and any children you may have.

Working with an experienced couple therapist offers you, as couple and not two separate individuals, the opportunity to be heard and to listen to each other in a safe and respectful place.  Together, you will have the opportunity to experience and understand more clearly the dynamics of your relationship, to learn how to communicate with each other in a more helpful way and to make changes in your relationship on a day to day basis as well as more deeply.  

Trained as a couple therapist, I have six years experience of working with couples as well as many years previous experience as a family mediator in working with couples on relationship breakdown.  

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